SmartTV apps

What do people use most in their living room?

Armchair shopping is developing into the latest trend in e-commerce, i.e. online commerce. For some time now, users have been using their SmartTVs to surf the internet via their home network. But it is only when SmartTV apps are used that user experience goes beyond the ordinary. Just as with your mobile phone or your tablet, apps for your TV are bought directly from the manufacturer's apps store.

SmartTV is a young, booming market: your offer will still be noticed

  • TV apps stores currently offer only around 1,000 apps (smartphone apps stores: several million on offer)
  • around 40 million potential users in Germany alone
  • ranging across all age groups
  • Users can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of their own home.
  • Target group has easy and direct access to information
  • Extraordinary user experience and added value

To address this new target group in the best possible and most efficient way, certain aspects regarding usability, TV as a medium and the specifics of user expectations need to be taken into consideration. Our team has expert knowledge of all these aspects. In close co-operation with our partners, we would be happy to provide you with all the information you need about the potential that the apps market of the future offers, and then design, develop and run your individual SmartTV app.

Our services

  • Planning & strategy, design, implementation
  • Developing apps for all SmartTV platforms
  • Delivery