Eye tracking

Today, corporate websites serve as spaces in which companies present and advertise themselves and sell their goods and services. For this reason, it is all the more important that, besides designing a visually appealing website, a positive user experience is created by ensuring that the website offers simple and intuitive usability.

With the help of eye-tracking analysis users' eye movements can be monitored and analysed. This makes it possible to determine the sequence of users' fixation points, their gaze frequencies and their respective gaze durations.

To adapt your website to the needs and requirements of your users, we combine time-tested usability and market research methods with the latest in eye-tracking technology. This allows us to draw conclusions about where users expect to find information, which elements of a website page attract attention or cause distraction and which information is perceived and understood.

This creates significant added value compared to traditional methods of analysis because only eye-tracking studies permit valid findings regarding perception, use and effect.

Our services

  • Eye-tracking studies
  • Expert analysis
  • Market research
  • Advertising materials testing