Film & video

Films visualise complex processes and at the same time they evoke emotions.

The symbiosis consisting of atmospheric motion pictures, music and professional audio voice overs will turn your corporate film or web clip into an effective element of your company's presentation.

In close co-operation with you, we develop the idea, concept and script.

A team of very experienced advertising film professionals shoots the scenes according to a previously prepared shooting plan, meticulously detailed and in cost-oriented production time.

We offer the latest in production technology:

  • Steadicams
  • Segways
  • Offroad quads
  • Camera cranes and track dollies
  • Remote-controlled helicopters and drones for aerial images

We have access to all market-leading, high-end cameras right up to 4k solutions.

In the cutting room, the cutter selects and cuts the raw footage, adds text and music, and enhances it.

Whether it's an advertising spot, public image or corporate film - we will produce your individual media presentation together with our directors, camera operators, actors, voice over professionals and cutters.

The internet. Present-day cinema.

Our services

  • Public image films
  • Advertising spot
  • Corporate film
  • Steadicams
  • Aerial images
  • Driving shots