Online PR

… complements and optimises the way you use traditional media for advertising.

However, media usage behaviour has changed, and as a result, online media and social networks are rapidly gaining in significance.

On the one hand, this change in usage poses new challenges to corporate communications, but on the other hand, it also offers great opportunities. High-speed dissemination of information on the internet and manageable costs are making online PR increasingly more attractive for small and medium-sized companies.

Used correctly, online PR can help to optimise your company's public image in a way that is specifically geared to its target group. We'll be happy to help you publish your offering with the help of well thought out online PR strategies outside the sphere of traditional advertising, generate traffic to your website and help establish a positive image.

Our services

  • Determining an individual online PR strategy
  • Identifying suitable online media
  • Creating and placing texts with target group-specific content


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