About us

Only "being online" is not enough!

The economic success of your website is the result of a combination of intelligent programming, modern design and fulfilled user expectations.

For more than 15 years we have been serving small and medium-sized manufacturers, service providers such as banks, retailers, real estate agencies, advertising agencies and software makers, as well as medical practices and healthcare companies in planning, implementing and marketing their individual websites, custom-tailored to their respective target groups.

Daus Interfaces is supported by a network of associated design, communications and internet specialists. The teams are individually assembled to meet your needs and supply the resources necessary to implement your desired specifications both swiftly and smoothly. We are also happy to co-operate with your company's own agency (internet and/or ad agency) to achieve the best results possible.

That is why you pay only for services rendered – and nothing else.

Our experts have been working together for many years. They guarantee that the jobs taken on board are completed quickly and smoothly. Efficient communication between team members, a friendly working atmosphere to promote teamwork, collaboration spanning many years and healthy growth –

these are the strengths that drive our small unit!